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Hello , my name is Myshella Burton, CEO & Founder of Burton Elite Financial LLC. Last year, at 26, I had ZERO credit . I was not taught the importance of credit and all that it could do for you ( better car insurance rates, better interest on loans, high loan amounts, the best credit cards , purchasing a car, and the one that most of us tend to repair our credit for, A HOUSE. ) 

Here I was, no credit, and didn't know where to start . I first did some self studying to learn the basis of what I should do to repair my credit , I quickly realized google couldn't help me , or my 0 credit score out much . I then took a semester long course form a Multi-Million dollar credit repair company that taught me  EVERYTHING I needed to teach you, or help you repair your credit. My credit score is now +730 , YES , you read that correctly. this is after having several hard inquiries . My credit score went up , over 730 points in less than a year. I was able to buy my HOUSE, with the best kind of loan (conventional)  with a low interest rate and NO co signer. Before , I would only hear "NO" from lenders, credit card companies, even cell phone companies . After repairing my own credit , all I hear is "your approved" with so many options to choose from. Now I want to help you achieve your goal.

Burton Elite Financial LLC was created for two primary reasons ; to help people take back control of their credit ;  and to teach others how to built their own credit repair business (step by step) .I came up with the idea for my business because I've gained a sincere passion for credit repair and teaching what I know to others.  What makes me  different from my competitors is I have been on the other side . I know what its like to have bad credit and what its like to be a credit repair student - you'll be in a complete judgement free zone . Also I wont pressure you. You wont have to worry about buyers remorse, your consultation is strictly a consultation until you decide that you want to move forward with Burton Elite Financial LLC.

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Oct 13 2021

credit repair course will be $399 to the first 50 people